Hospitality Development at the DW Stadium

Sodexo Live!, the venue partner to the DW Stadium in Wigan, has launched new dishes to kick off the football season. The refreshed menu, available to fans in hospitality at each of the clubs, contains a series of dishes inspired by the local culinary tastes of the North, with a twist.

British Northern classics have been reimagined by a team of talented venue chefs to add a modern twist and enhance the football fan experience throughout the new season. A tribute to the local cuisine, each dish has been crafted with locally sourced and seasonal ingredients.

The new dishes include:

Peppered beef striploin with pulled beef & onion pie – a twist on the well-loved pie and mash, bringing the robust essence of beef striploin served with pulled beef and caramelised onions together, nested in an earthy pie. Accompanied by a velvety and opulent truffle mash, heritage carrots, fine beans and crowned by a rich red wine sauce.
Smoked haddock arancini – a gentle remake of kedgeree, accompanied with a creamy curried Hollandaise, poached hen egg and fresh micro coriander to add a dash of sharpness.
Buttery roasted chicken breast – a fan’s favourite that comes with fondant potato on the side, seasonal charred baby leek and creamy carrot puree. This traditional Sunday dish comes with a twist – Sodexo Live! has added crispy chicken & croquette, pancetta crisp, drizzled with a flavourful tarragon sauce to top it up.
Lemon tart – a luxurious Amalfi lemon tart, topped with scorched meringue, decadent yoghurt sorbet, pistachio and macerated, sweet strawberries – a nod to the traditional Wimbledon strawberries and cream.
The new menus are available now as the new season kicks off, additional dishes can be found below.

Rebecca Kate Burton, CEO at Sodexo Live!, said: “Northern football fans are in for a treat – we know how much they love their local teams and community, so it was important for us to reflect this heritage in our hospitality offering.

“We truly hope that fans at the venues will enjoy our modern take on some of the classics, in turn creating a more memorable matchday experience.”

Colin Smith, Executive Head Chef at Sodexo Live!, said: “The idea behind the dishes was to make the fans feel at home. Because Northerners love their food, we wanted to do things a bit differently, so we revisited some of the hearty, most loved recipes with our own take – making their experience even more unique.”